Group product key looks like gibberish afetr update

  • is this intentioanl ? if this is to obscure the key , better change it to assterix or somthing.
    there is no way for me to know if the key was accepted as i typed it in the web interface.
    it looks like queres and black/white question marks

    please advise.

  • Developer

    The change was quite resent so if you did put in the key using 2922 then yes there maybe an issue when updating to 2966.

  • Was this done in th last 10-15 days ? because i am using svn 2966 , and before 2922.
    i dont know the mysql web interface address or if it is installed with fog at all,but thats outside the scope of this forum.


  • Senior Developer

    It sounds like you’re encountering the update where we switched to base64 encoding the product keys. You’re seeing this problem because you entered the product keys on a version that did not encode them, and the version you upgraded to is expecting encoded keys. You can either re-enter them OR go through the SQL database and base64 encode all of the keys.

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