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    I’m implementing a new storage server for one of my biggest clients…

    The Main FOG server will be running on a XenServer VM. However the storage server is going to have a very nice Supermicro motherboard with dual 10GbE NICs.

    I would like to put a FOG storage node on the server inside one of the jails, however FreeNAS doesn’t provide Linux Jails (They were always painful from my memory) and the only easy way would be to run a Jail with Virtualbox in it and then run fog inside virtualbox.

    This is hardly ideal…

    Will the ‘simple’ guide for running FTP and NFS on FreeNAS work or is it more complicated now with 1.2?

    Running FOG natively in BSD could also improve the amount of users running the project as it could be an easy plugin click install.

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    any of the developers can maybe confirm if there has been any changes made to the way storage nodes operate between 0.32 and 1.2… if it hasn’t and the process is exactly the same then would be even more useful.

    Testing 1.2 in my environment, but will be on 0.32 for a while yet.

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    Keep us informed. We will create a wiki based on your information and possibly be able to expand your methods to other NAS drives.

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    Well, I got a FOG Storage node working on my FreeNAS on the main system with just an NFS share and entering in credentials on the web page, didn’t have to mess with FTP at all.

    One thing of note… the image replicator started pushing the images immediately at 700-800Mb/s and filled up my testing FreeNAS. Came back in the morning to lots of red warning lights and a slow day removing older data at incredibly slow speeds.

    At least means once my 10GbE FreeNAS arrives it will not take much work to make it a storage node. Will work up a ‘proper’ method once that arrives including dataset settings and permissions.

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    FreeNAS keeps their system lean, only installing what is required.

    Unlike most other NAS’ they make use of virtualization to run ‘plugins’.

    The plugins create a ‘Jail’ which is a FreeBSD instance with the correct software installed.

    Most other NAS will install directly on the NAS’ OS.

    if we can configure the NFS and FTP etc on FreeBSD, or even all of fog, we can turn it into a plugin that will be a single one click install.

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    I don’t know quite what you’re asking.

    I mean an option to install fog as a node directly on a nas or storage element may be possible, but I don’t know what you mean about within a jail and such.