PXE-T01 : File not found

  • Hi everyone I am new to all this. I am try to get fog server running in a school. The problem is when I try to boot a Pc to connect to the FS it gives me:
    PXE-T01 : File not found
    PXE-E3B : TFTP Error - File not found
    I try searching to find out a fix but what I find is that I have to see if the file is correct. I think That it just doen’t existe. Can any One help me please.

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  • Ok so I asked to change the bootfile to undionly.kpxe and it and passes that step and it goes to “iPXE [B]initializing devices” and the Pc just reboots without showing any menu. Now what am I doing wrong???[/B]

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    well, i can tell you that if you’re running fog 1.2.0 then pxelinux.0 will certainly NOT work (with the exception of special configuration methods that chainload to a ipxe network boot file after pxelinux.0 is loaded)

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    Well you could try it.

  • ANd that will resolve the problem???

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    Bootfile for 1.x.x+ is now undionly.kpxe, undionly.kkpxe, or undionly.kkpxe_Intel

    Change to:

    %(#1f497d]Next Server)[
    Bootfile: undionly.kpxe]

  • [CENTER][B]Hostname[/B][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][B]IP Lan[/B][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][B]Tipo de Equip.[/B][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]E1608480-B1SW2 [/CENTER]
    Adicionalmente foi configurado no DHCP da VLAN de Quarentena as seguintes opções)[
    %(#1f497d]Next Server)[
    Bootfile: pxelinux.0]

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    did you configure your dhcp server for pxe booting with fog?

  • Thank you for your reply.
    The version is 1.2 with the ip, after I input the ip I want I said no to everything else. No to router address DHCP server, No to DNS address DHCP server and Cliente boot, No to Change defalt network interface and No to Server for DHCP service.
    I don’t know if I did it right I folowed a instalation tutorial for the same quarantine network that we have in this school: [media=youtube]QXHD-IQZigE[/media]
    I’ll try to responde all that you ask.

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    fog version? with fog as dhcp or not? if not, did you configure your dhcp server for pxe booting with fog? did you read the instructions that you were given when you were installing fog?

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