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    This post is for bugs in r2403. THIS IS BLEEDING EDGE so don’t think it will be fixed in a day.

    1.) [B][COLOR=#ff0000]FIXED reapplied official r2403 [/COLOR][/B][S]Newly Imaged computers no longer attach to Active Directory. They where successful in r2389[/S]
    [][S]Defaults are not being set under Service Configuration for Host Management[/S]
    ][S]Under Host Management --> [Select NEW Host Registered] --> Service Settings All services are not ticked.[/S]
    [][S]Yes, Services are Enabled as default under Service Config.[/S]
    ][S]Yes, Active Directory info is enabled and filled out correctly. It filled in automatically from Fog Settings[/S]
    2.) [COLOR=#ff0000][B]FIXED after update to r2408[/B][/COLOR] [S]Seems to take a bit longer to process group tasks. (but to be expected from the update r2387)[/S]

    3.) [COLOR=#ff0000][B]FIXED SEE EXPLAINATION OF GRAPH STATS BELOW [/B][/COLOR][S]Bandwidth- Transmit graph not showing any info during imaging. (worked in r236? I neglected to update for a time.) (Bandwidth- Recieved works when registering. I get a quick 2sec spike from the uploaded reg info)[/S]
    [*]Turns our the Bandwidth- Transmit graph does work. It only shows the data transmitting from the selected node. I have a Fog server, and 2 storage nodes. So if I have the Server selected as the node for the info and the host uses the storage node nothing will show up on the graph. Thanks for the info Tom.
    4.) [COLOR=#ff0000][B]FIXED after update to r2410[/B][/COLOR] [S]3[/S][S]2-bit D610 not showing Partclone status info (blue screen) on screen during imaging. But 64-bit machines work just fine. Most likely a kernel issue. BUT image proceeds correctly. (work in r236?) --Tom is looking into this.[/S]

    This post will be updated with more issues as they are come across or posted.

  • Developer

    Confirmed thanks Tom.

  • SVN 2410 should fix the partclone display issues in 32 bit client.

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    Update: I have updated to r2408 fixing all issues in r2403. The 32-bit is still an issue but its just not showing the status of part clone tom will work on this.

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    Dude… you’re awesome 🙂 thanks for letting us know the last version where Domain Join worked for you!