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  • Hi All,

    So after a bit of a struggle requiring help from you guys at the beginning I managed to successfully image a PC and deploy it to another. Just a few small points I was wondering if anybody had a work around for:

    1. I have my boot order set as PXE, then HD… after deploying an image the computer reboots and because of the order loads the FOG pxe boot menu again, realising there is no tasks to complete it then continues to boot from the HD (I thought this was useful incase I needed to schedule tasks). Trouble is it displays the loading Windows graphics but then the screen goes blank. If I crash the PC and then unplug the Ethernet it boots up into the image fine?

    2. I have Microsoft Office installed, but we don’t use a network licence. When I cloned it obviously copies the code from that computer, when I deploy Office then realises that we are trying to use the code on multiple PC’s. Aside from buying a network licence is there a way that I can deploy the image but then enter different serials?



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    1.) This could be a registry error or possibly a driver issue. Some refurbishing companies are notorious for swapping a motherboard out with a “compatible” board. Yes the CPU and everything seems to be fine but the video card may be a different version (not talking model but version of BIOS on the video card).

    2.) If you contact your Microsoft vendor and give them all your single licenses they will combine them up and give you a volume license for as many single licenses that you have. This will negate all the single licenses but now you have a useful volume license. Then, you can just load the volume license on the image and not worry.

  • I don’t recall for other versions off of the top of my head, but I know for Office 2010, if you go to File -> Help, on the right hand side you have the option to click “Change Product Key” and it will ask for a product key then attempt to activate. Images Attached. (This works in any Office Application, I happen to have Excel open already is all)[ATTACH=full]1118[/ATTACH]

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1118_Change Office Product Key.png?:"]Change Office Product Key.png[/url]

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    you may want to look into slmgr.vbs for scripting options to change license keys for microsoft products

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    do you have volume licenses for office or windows?

    Windows licensing can be a real pain, no matter what your doing.

    You could use something to install office post imaging, but it would likely be complex using all different keys.

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