• Plss… I Need help for my fog server 1.1.1
    When i’m always uploading image or capturing image using fog server 1.1.1
    The main problem is, the rate of uploading image is very slow…[ATTACH=full]1009[/ATTACH]

    Computer model:
    -Dell 2030
    -Fog server 1.1.1
    -multiple partition / single disk and i also tried "single disk (ntfs only)

    Thaks guys… 🙂


  • Developer

    This is a typical problem when uploading to FOG due to compression settings and hardware, If you want to see a slow upload, build your images in VMware and push them up.

    If you would like faster upload speeds, adjust the settings in the web GUI. Personally, I upload mulitple images and I prefer if they don’t take up a mound of space. I will allow a slow upload to keep my blazing fast download. I only upload a few times a year, I download almost constantly.

  • Moderator

    your upload rate isn’t too bad, you only upload a handful of times compared to how many times you deploy to PCs

  • It is typically client cpu bound. FOG_PIGZ_COMP is by defaut set to 9 on Fog 1.x.x whereas it was set to 3 on Fog 0.32. You can lower that setting and you should see faster upload times, but the image will be larger.

  • Speeds, during upload, are greatly increased based on the compression rating set.

    This can be set in the FOG GUI under:
    FOG Configuration( ? icon) -> FOG Settings -> FOG Boot Settings -> FOG_PIGZ_COMP

    It’s a slider, it’s default value is 9 which is the “max” compression which translates to the longest upload speed and smallest size on server disk.

    0 Is the “least” compressoin which translates to faster upload speed, and largest size on server disk.

    The “smaller” the image is in size, the faster it seems to transfer across network as it’s essentially less data. Hopefully this helps. Try adjusting to a lower value to suit your needs.