Speed Issue after upgrading to 1.1.0

  • I updated from .32 to 1.1.0 today, and everything went smoothly. I deployed an image with no problems and at a reasonable speed. But I’m running into issues uploading an image: on partition sda3 of my test system, the rate drops to ~500MB/min. I get 2-3GB/min uploading the other partitions and deploying an image.

    I tried a few different kernels, same issue. I changed the image type to Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (not resizable), because I think my images all defaulted to “MPI - All disks” after the upgrade, but no change. On the Image Management screen, the image size on client is 232.11GB, but the upload screen on the client shows space in use is ony 51.3 GB and my previous upload on .32 of the same image was only 18.5GB in storage.

    Any ideas?

  • Moderator

    unless you upload a lot of times, your probably better off having compression

  • Developer

    it’s worth noting that the compression value almost entirely exclusively affects upload speed. download speed is very fast regardless of compression value.

  • Yep, changing that made a great difference in the speed, now I just have to find the happy medium between bandwidth and size. Thanks!

  • Stolen from Tom’s post on another forum:

    VM’s have known “slowness” issues on upload compared to physical systems typically, but as Junkhacker states, the compression affects upload speeds as well. In 0.32 there was no “easy” way to adjust the compression rating, but with 1.X.X, you can specify this in FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG Boot Settings->FOG_PIGZ_COMP slider bar. 9 means MAX compression which basically means it will be the slowest to upload, but compress to the smallest size. 0 means least compression but takes up the most space on the server. You can play with these settings to see if it will help you out.


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