Customize the Background Image behind the menu.

  • Moderator

    In 0.32 you could change the background image behind the boot menu by simply replacing the files in one of the tftp subdirectories.

    However, there are no longer files to replace…

    How can I change the background image in 1.x.x


  • Developer

    does each site have it’s own tftp server as well?

  • Moderator

    each site has it’s own DHCP server, I have VPN setup between them.

    I just don’t want everything to fall flat on it’s face just because the VPN goes down for a little bit.

  • Senior Developer

    It will likely reboot the system if it can’t find a DHCP address, but if it can’t chain to the web bits, it will just boot to the hdd.

  • Moderator

    So if I have VPN to my main site and it goes down… has anyone tested what happens to the PCs when booting?

    Will it error out and boot to HDD if it can’t access the web parts or leave the PC on the error?

  • Developer

    the tftp server only hosts the undionly.kpxe and default.ipxe
    the undionly.kpxe is, more or less, the the base kernel of ipxe with a single instruction added to it: load default.ipxe
    default.ipxe is created by the install script with a single basic purpose, load the boot.php file according to the settings on the server
    the boot.php file is web based, and is the source of menus, including the background

  • Moderator

    I hadn’t checked the web directory… interesting.

    Will see if that works tomorrow 🙂

    If I’ve got a storage node which is a TFTP server then how will this affect those? will it grab the picture from the main node?

  • Developer

    This is for Ubuntu so your www directory may be different.
    [CODE]cd /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/bn.png

    Dimensions: 640 x 480

    Be careful though, Each time you update or re-install Fog this will be reset to its original pic.