• Is it possible to change DHCP settings within the FOG server? In particular, I discovered that we have bandwidth issues when uploading an image on the regular network which has its own Windows DHCP server. I would like to be able to take the FOG server off the network onto its on private network where bandwidth is not an issue. The FOG server would also need to be the DHCP server on the private network. Is it possible to change these easily change these settings to allow the FOG server to go back and forth between different networks? Thanks.

  • Developer

    I agree with both of them. If you plan to use fog for DHCP you should take your FOG server out of the network and run a private network for imaging. And in which case you should stop the service with a command should you wish to introduce the machine to the network once more.

  • Developer

    It maybe possible to change the settings in /opt/fog/.fogsettings to enable dhcp and the appropriate dhcp settings… Then you would need to “update” you fog server. This should install DHCP and set the settings in .fogsettings. Then you can just disable/enable the dhcp service depending on the network you get on.

    THIS IS NOT TYPICAL. TRY TO STAY ON ONE NETWORK! Either put fog server on the windows network or on the private. What your proposing is going to cause chaos in DHCP world if you mess something up.

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    Easily go back and forth? Eh… well you should be able to start and stop the dhcp service in your Linux flavor of choice.