• Hi,

    I’ve spent several days figure out why my preferred image won’t upload.
    When the client boots with PXE he gathers all the information successfully from my point of view.
    After that the blue screen with the text “Please wait” shows up but then the transfer progress that should take several minutes are not displayed on my screen.
    Than the task complete and the client restarts.

    In the end it seems FOG destroyed my partition table because my client won’t boot my regular windows installation.
    Of course i can’t find any evidence that the image is located on the server, although the task scheduled as finished within 13 seconds.
    Im using FOG 0.32 and ubuntu 12.04.
    Since I get no error message, what may be wrong?

  • Factory Image may not determine if the system is gpt or mbr. Make sure Uefi is disabled on the Client and make sure things are set on the legacy subset as much as you can. Again as I don’t have these systems I have guess where the problem is so if I’m wrong I’m sorry.

  • Factory image right out of the box from HP failed to work as well. for some reason saw the disk as 158 Gig image.

    It was recommended to re-install FOG all together on another blog, would hate to do that but if that is what’s necessary.

  • with that being said, I will try to image another desktop right out of the box to see if it uploads to see if that is the answer to this issue since I did a clean install for the first one. I will follow up once i find out

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  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it sounds like these systems are GPT based installations of Windows 7. That’s why the upload works, but the download doesn’t. It never actually generates the partition tables so it can’t write the data.

  • I’m having the same issue. Had a group of laptops that worked just fine, now the Desktops I am imaging are not “sticking” to the server. In other words it appears that the image is uploading to my FOG server, however when I go to image the next PC, it take 2 seconds and says it is complete. The image appears to be there according to the web GUI, and I have selected “Multiple Partitions” for a windows 7 image, and I even watch the size of the “Used” portion of my server increase on the “Home” page of my server. But when the image is finished uploading, it appears to wipe the server of that image completely. I’m using .32 FOG on 10.04 Ubuntu (as I was told 10.04 is the most fog friendly)

  • Developer

    Agreed normally I use a Multi Partition for any windows 7 Installation.

    Please try changing you image type in the FOG Web GUI and upload your image again.

  • I am pretty sure Windows 7 normally has a 100mb partition sitting out there. Try single drive, multiple partition next time.

  • I set the image type to “Single Partition”.
    The Client have only one partition where the Windows 7 OS is installed.

  • After you trying to upload the image, the system doesn’t boot anymore? Wich “image type” are you trying and does your sytem that you want to upload, have more than one partition?