• Testers

    We recently lost our entire fog server. We used this as an opportunity to go from ubuntu 10 lts to 12.04 lts. Our main issue is we have a full backup of the file system but after reinstalling the os and fog .32 from scratch and restoring.
    We are not back to normal I believe we are missing the actual sql database and since we have a copy of the file system and not a dump as created by mysqldump where is the file or files physically located and do i need to do anything special when I restore them from our backup.

  • Moderator

    You can look into recovering a mysql database. There may be a way to remount the tables so you can export the data.

  • Testers

    We are also looking for the database that currently has about 9800 entries of computers that were registered with fog before it crashed. Also we are trying to find the sql table that might have the users that have been created with their respective password.

  • Developer

    there are other ways to dance around it, this would be the fastest method to make sure permissions don’t bite you in the @$$

  • Developer

    you can manually create the images in your image store of the WEB Gui, this would create the SQL database entry for the image, then you can copy the contents of /images to the respective folders. this will create the folders with the proper permissions you just need to copy the physical file to its folder.

    After you have the images “created”, you can re-associate your hosts to the fog server, and ultimately, the image.