• I was looking at the wiki and tried to follow a link to the old forum.
    Can we not have the old forum in read-only or something so we can still read the posts.

  • How about this because I am looking for this also and apparently this has been answered…

    Can you make a section here to request a thread from the old forum to be brought over to this one? At least then it’s not all but ones with hopefully useful information. The one I am looking for has to do with the Fog Client Service not registering hosts and the link I found doesn’t have a google cache. [url]https://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/forums/forum/716419/topic/3727752[/url]

    I got an error on my fog.log saying that the host registration exited because there was only 1 MAC address if anyone know about that in particular.

  • Developer

    Because google sent everyone to the old forum, many threads were being created there and going unanswered.

    If it was as easy as ‘change it to read only’, we would have done that already.

    Solution: Use Google’s cache.

  • The 2 big problems are that Nearly every link from google now goes to a blackhole where a sourceforge thread used to be or it goes to the front page of the wiki with the changlelog on it which is completely useless.

    I added these forums to the getting in touch wiki.

  • Could we not add some threads saying that there is a new forum and any questions will go unanswered. (like you did.)

    Also rename the groups from “help” to “Help - Archive forum”
    Just plaster notes all over saying it’s closed and there is a new one.

  • We (at least some of the developers and I) looked for ways to either export the old forums or make them read-only, but sourceforge forums don’t seem to allow for that. Turning off the old forums was an attempt to simplify community interaction by using a single forum platform instead of trying to maintain both. The loss of information from the old forums was unfortunate, and we migrated some of the threads that we knew were important and ongoing, but this seemed like the best option.

  • Moderator

    I understand why it would be good to have sourgeforce fourms opened up. Looks like FOG lost a lot of people. I would have kept the “we have a new forum” notice up for some time, and left a read only version for the old forum…

  • So it looks like the old forums can’t be made read only, and I’m guessing there’s no plans to migrate the information on the old forums over here so best of luck everyone.

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  • I would like this as well.
    I found a temporary solution is to use Google’s web cache to look at it.

    But I would also like to say, I love these new forms, they just lack a lot of the information the information the old forms had

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  • Bump. Still waiting for a response. It’s nice to see the feature-rich forums here, but the old forums have good info that is locked away now. Easy compromise is to make them read only.

  • I registered here to come and ask for the same thing. Please either make the old forums read only- they have information already answered that I’m specifically looking for, or migrate the posts over here. Pleassssseeeeeeeeee