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    I would like to backup my .32 Fog Server running on Ubuntu 11.04. I saw a few posts about using some command line stuff, but I would prefer something somewhat similar to Windows Server backup. Does a Linux backup utility exist like this? What are some of you others doing for FOG backups? I have had a few FOG servers crash over the years and have just rebuilt the server and images when this happened. Kind of a pain but I figured it was time to update the FOG version anyways.


  • [quote=“ITSolutions, post: 12543, member: 4222”]My solution is the script that is included with FOG for back up, modified quite a bit and then made a cron entry.
    Thanks for sharing, ITSolutions. If I may suggest one edit: quote your strings. A space in a password breaks the script:

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    If you want a full backup of the entire system, just google how to backup a linux server. There are packages available through the ubuntu package manager to make this easier like windows. Otherwise, you can use tar and gzip and some kind of external storage.

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    My solution is the script that is included with FOG for back up, modified quite a bit and then made a cron entry.

    I attached the script I use, it is set up to auto save to /images/databasebackup/ and then creates folders by date for multiple backups, but you can change the location easily within the script. I use the /images directory since I usually [SIZE=2]have it mounted on a different drive from the OS so this creates a [/SIZE]redundant[SIZE=2] spot. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I then schedule 2 cron jobs running the script with no images backing up and one with the images being backed up(I back up the images mostly in the case of accidently over writing and image so I can restore it to an the original, not for disaster recovery.) I backup the database, snapins, and reports every week (but is small enough I am thinking about changing that to everyday). The second cron job is the full backup that I run once a month. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]This script can easily be modified to only backup the parts you want by remarking out the sections that are not needed. So it is very flexable for the different environments you maybe be dealing with.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I find this the most efficient as so you have the most current database you can and as I have been able to setup a FOG server in a couple hours not too bad. If your FOG is running on a VM you could set it up as you want take a snap shot and then if issues arise simply restore it and then restore the database and you should be good to go.[/SIZE]


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    simply create an image of the server, my storage node is not on the same machine like fog and it’s a high available machine with most redundancies so normally the storage it selfs doesn’t need any backup.

    So prefer to Backup the complete FOG OS is what i would do.

    Greetz X23