Brand new to FOG (I inherited it)

  • [ATTACH=full]325[/ATTACH] I deleted a whole bunch of old images/hosts and the disk and still can’t figure out how to reclaim the 87% of the used area back. Have looked all over and don’t know the root password or even what to do if I get into the Shell. Very frustrating. All I can think of is destroying the FOG Server and rebuilding a new one. Help? (Thanks in advance).


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    You can try to remove them through FTP or NFS. I believe you can get the FOG users password from the webUI and use it to FTP into the machine and delete the images files.

  • @Kevin I deleted them from the interface; which removed the pointer. I’m not sure how to get to the images\ folder though (not without getting onto the server - for which I lack the root password. I can log on to it via browser that seems to be all I can do at this time.

    @madeyem When I selected both it always returned the error that it could delete the “pointer” association but left the file intact on the server.

    @Jason I sincerely hope you are right, and rats, in the inheritance I have been left pretty much on my own for the rest <no passwords>. It didn’t change when I deleted the images.

    @all three of you. Thank you, I may just have to remove the server and redo a new one, a task which I’m sure I’m not currently up to, too much to do.

  • So you didn’t delete them on the server, just through the web GUI? One thing I can say is that the web GUI doesn’t always accurately reflect the amount of disk space you might have. If you can log in to the server and check the disk space and it shows that you have free space, then you do. The web GUI for me didn’t show the correct information until I edited some files, so don’t just go off what it shows you. Did it not change at all when you deleted the images?

  • As far as I know you can delete the image definition as well as the image itself by ticking a box.

  • Did you delete the images just from the FOG interface? If so, that’s just a pointer to the images. The images will be located in the \Images folder on your drive.