How To: Setup a FOG storage node without installing fog?

  • Hi,

    All you need is a well configured FTP and NFS Server on another machine.



    You need to set the Home Directory to the directory in front if it, means if you have x:\images you need to define x: because fog scripts don’t try to do something relativ to the /images directory.



    I Simply added a Storage Node Definition in its own Storage Group independent to the default storage Group, added it’s IP and the path /images/ because it’s the path exports also /images/dev/ like an original FOG node does.



    I use the following Windows NFS Server: [url][/url]

    Additionally i’ve setup Filezilla Server with an user that uses the credentials entered in the Storage node definition.

    I just do this with Windows for testing purposes, i will later switch to a dedicated FOG Storage Server or at least a standalone Storage Server that supports NFS.

    On the Fog Server i created the Folder /images2/dev/ and it’s .mntcheck files then i added a line in fstab for mounting /images2 on startup.



    Except the freespace.php communication between fog servers i hope that there is not more, replication between nodes is hopefully done by ftp or nfs only?!

    What should i say, that works… Wondering? The Trick is to not disable the DefaultMember node even not using it. 😉 i don’t need it because my FOG VM uses only a 8GB Partition. Confused? Me too 😄

    The way i did this is a bit dirty but and finally i have to try what happens if i mount the external nfs share to /images. But this idea is bad because the traffic will be redirected between client and fog storage node from fog itselfs… actually clients directly communicate with the external nfs storage and i have high throughputs of data (up to 3GB/min). The redirection will brake it for sure!

    Greetz X23

  • Hi,

    no, but that works until you have working nfs and ftp running.
    It’s time to cut additional storage nodes out of fog binding.

    I think it’s wrong to force people to install fog on each storage node.
    The most problem is that people or companys have a big storage system but we cannot install a linux on it to make fog running.

    One of the big goal is indipendent storage nodes for fog!

    Regards X23

  • Developer

    I was looking into this a bit…

    I was going to use Server 2008 r2 with two roles installed: File Services (NFS enabled) and Web Server (IIS) (FTP).

    Has anyone tried this combination yet?

  • After many many days of trying to get storagenodes to work, this was the only solution. I tried several methods of adding storage nodes from tricking FOG with nfs mounts, to setting up whole new fog servers on my VM cluster and configuring them with same passwords for EVERYTHING and still could not get mysql to talk to each other and queue tasks let alone replicate! So many nfs failure errors and password errors very infurating!

    Here’s how I hacked it (with the help of x23piracy!)

    1. Server 2003 Standard (x32) on a VM
    2. Install Filezilla, haneWIN NFS server
    3. Shared C:\images and C:\images\dev in Filezilla, added fog username and pass
    4. On NFS server I ticked “allow mount of remote devices”, set up exports like this:
      [I]C:\images\ -name:images[/I]
      [I]C:\images\dev -name:images/dev [/I]
    5. On the FOG server, I could not get additional storagenodes to work at all.
      I edited the DefaultMember node, and added the IP address of the Server2003 NFS server, set the image location to /images/ and added the fog user/pass as set up on Filezilla.

    It broke a lot of fog, like queued tasks don’t really clear after they’ve completed and the storage graphs don’t either. I’ll hack it some more and try and get it working later on.

    But the mysql database is on a different storage host than the images and that rocks!

  • Hi chad-bisd,

    that means that my images will not replicated when my non fog storage node is in master mode right?
    Well then i have to write my own procedure to do a replication if needed.

    Greetz X23

  • Moderator

    storage nodes within the same storage group are replicated by LFTP, where the master [B]pushes[/B] it’s images to the other member nodes in the same storage group. The master does all the work, the non-master storage nodes just need to be ready to receive the images via FTP.

  • Developer

    Please post it, it would be beneficial to all!

  • Yes please that would be great.