Fog Deployment Issues to Blank Drives

  • Maybe this is a dumb question, but should Fog deploy images to blank hard drives?

    For some reason, Fog is not creating partitions for me. If I manually create a blank partition on the hard drive, then my deployment will work fine, however I would prefer Fog being able to do this for me.

    Currently, when I try to deploy an image to a blank drive it will attempt to start copying over the image, and then report:
    ntfs-3g: No mountpoint specified.
    Shortly after, it will reboot, thinking the deployment went OK, but nothing was ever transferred.

  • Developer

    Well thanks, I’m suppose to be getting some new equipment this summer to set up and I WILL be imaging with FOG, so I’ll remember this in case I run into issues!

  • The problem only rears its head when I deploy to unpartitioned drives. If I create a partition manually it doesn’t seem to care. In fact, I don’t even have to create two partitions (the 100MB system partition, and a secondary remainder partition). I can even create just a single FAT32 partition, and as long as the original image was created NTFS, it will overwrite the partition I created and replace it with the proper partitions including the system partition.

  • Developer

    I don’t have these problems, when I upload a Windows 7 or 8 image to my FOG server I choose OS as Windows 7 and have NO problems deploying. This is peculiar, glad you got it sorted!

  • Well, you hit the nail on the head.

    All that was necessary was just changing the Host OS setting to Vista instead of Windows 7 and then it was able to create partitions and then clone just fine. I was even able to use other images that were created with the “Windows 7” setting, as long as the Host OS for that host was set to Vista.

    Could anyone explain what is different about these settings?

  • Please let me know how this went, I hope it was a success now. I know this was a frustrating thing for me, but once I made the switch to uploading images under Windows Vista as the setting even though it’s a Windows 7 image everything started working awesome. Good luck!

  • I will try this today. I have been using multi-partition single images of Windows 7 and setting the type to Windows 7. I will try with Windows Vista and report back.

  • What version of Windows is the image you are deploying and what version of Windows did you give the image file during upload? Is it a Single Partition with Windows 7? Or a Multi Partition-Single Disk? I have to upload Multi Partition-Single Disk on almost all Windows 7 images, but the image type in fog when uploading needs to be set to Vista. I know it stinks, but I have had no problems when I do this. Build the image giving the image file Windows Vista as the type in fog, even if it’s Windows 7. Then upload it and deploy with the host you’re deploying to being set to Windows Vista. If I didn’t do this it would say it’s building partitions, but fail after it says it went. I hope this helps.

  • It should, it should make a backup of the MBR and restore it as well, the MBR is what stores all of the partition information for the drive.