• Hi,

    I’m having the error described here when trying to capture.

    The machine is some embedded old linux booting with LILO on a drive without any partition, the cause of the error.

    I think setting the image type to raw image sector by sector should avoid reading the partition layout and proceed to the image.

    I somehow solved the problem by adding a 1kb partition to the end of the drive.

  • @sebastian-roth Thank you! I hope will help others too.

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    @gn_ro Official inits are now updated. Pull the latest dev-branch to get those.

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    @gn_ro Yes I did test deployment with the change I made. Should work.

    What you describe sounds like a different issue. Can you take a picture of the error and post that in a new topic?

  • @sebastian-roth Thank you!
    Hope you checked the deployment too, as I imaged a computer with a corrupt ntfs partition (still working, windows is booting fine from it) and the imaging works but the deploy completes fine until the end where it throws an error about the “problem” partition then reboots after 1 min.

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    @gn_ro Not too much of a change in the FOS init scripts. Just pushed a fix so capture of drives without a (valid) partition table works.

    As we had a few changes in the inits lately and also updates of the Linux kernel I let it do a fresh build including this change. Give it a few more days until the new inits are build and updated. Then you can update to the latest dev-branch version and use it.

    Mods note: Moved the topic to bug reports.

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    @gn_ro said in Raw image dd fail - BUG?:

    embedded old linux booting with LILO on a drive without any partition

    Whoooo, that’s a pretty rare setup I would say.

    Though on the other hand I can see your argument about raw mode not needing to capture the partition layout at all. I will have a look at the code over the weekend to see why it’s implemented this way.