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    Hi All,
    I have a batch of T495s laptops we are working through imaging. Everything was going well up until today when we started to get the error below that halted the deployment process.


    Nothing has changed on our side (FOG 1.5.9, 5.6.18 kernel). It went from one laptop displaying this on attempt #1 and working the second attempt, to a laptop that now has failed 3 times in a row.

    Please advise and please tell me what info I missed here since I most certainly forgot to include one thing or another. I can get my hands on one tomorrow to test with.

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    @sebastian-roth @george1421 I may have posted this thread prematurely. I ended up having my colleague try a different type of Ethernet dongle (USB-C vs regular USB) and that did seem to fix the halting issue. I can verify tomorrow, but I think that message in the picture is still there, it just keeps imaging until complete now. I also found out a nice new BIOS came out for this model, so it is possible an update can fix the message. I can test the bios update with one at some point, but we are pretty busy with students returning next Tuesday in person.
    I think we can mark as solved in the meantime.

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    @fry_p Does this error halt/freeze the system?

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    @fry_p The error message is related to a USB3 controller/device. I have seen this error before, but I think the resolution was a firmware or linux kernel update. I have a newer one off kernel if you want to see if that clears this error. Understand the right path is firmware fist then FOG kernel second.

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    @george1421 To my knowledge they are. I am gathering info this afternoon about it and will check a problem device tomorrow morning.

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    @fry_p Is the firmware up to date on those lenovos?