• Hello !
    I’m tying to use FOG PRINT without success.

    I’m running on fog 1.5.7 on Cent OS 7.
    Windows Server 2016 with printers–> Share drivers folder access to everyone (read only)

    config imp.png

    When i’m using FOG PrintManager Helper i have an error too


    Sorry for the french message, it say : “it’s not an adequat driver” but i had tried all drivers that i can have. Specefic and generic.

    Same problem for every printers and drivers …

    Any ideas ???

    Thank’s for your help

  • @sebastian-roth IT WORKS !!!

    I had to put right for “service local” and “system” on share access AND on security files.
    share.png Folder.png

    Thank you very much ! And sorry for my bad english 🙂
    Thank you again !!!

  • @sebastian-roth

    Thank’s. It works when i copy the driver on the client machine but doesn’t work when drivers are on share folder.

    My share access have this right and doesn’t work:

    tout le monde = everyone
    service locale = local service

    any ideas on group user that i have to use ? I really want use a share access for my drivers.

  • Senior Developer

    @cedre2 said in Print Management:

    Share folder to drivers is recheable for everyone

    Does everyone include a local system account on the client machine? The fog-client service runs as local system account and we have seen issues with file share access a couple of times.

  • Thank’s a lot ! Printer is now installed with “Fog print manager Helper”. it works with this configuration :
    put the model in .ini file and no IP server on alias

    However it doesn’t work when i put the same configuration on web interface. I have updated printer configuration and client PC. No success.
    I haven’t error in fog.log, no printer added in printmanagement.msc on PC. Maybe a right problem ?

    I have a Domain Controller Windows server 2008 and PC on W10.
    Share folder to drivers is recheable for everyone


    Thank’s so much for you help

  • Testers

    @cedre2 I believe you need to put in the model of the printer that matches the driver. This is sometimes listed somewhere in the inf file.
    I believe this name also shows up as the default name of the printer when you install it windows manually.

  • My fog.log indicate no error :

    23/11/2020 16:28 Printer Adding: \\I-107-konica-C3100P-noir
    23/11/2020 16:28 PrinterManager PrintUI return code = 0