HP-17by3452 - Realtek NIC doesn't receive IP from DHCP server with ipxe.efi

  • Hello fog people!
    We received some new HP-17by3452 laptops with 10th Generation Intel CPUs. Unfortunatly the onboard Realtek NIC doesn’t receive an IP address from our DHCP server when booting ipxe.efi.

    Link-up on net0 is OK, but when it starts to configure net0 it aborts with error message “No configuration methods suceeded”.

    The BIOS is the latest version from HP website, F.9 from August 2020.

    Fog Kernel also up to date:
    bzImage Version: 4.19.143
    bzImage32 Version: 4.19.143

    Other devices from Dell with Intel and Realtek NICs work just fine with ipxe.efi.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

  • Moderator

    @FabianN Just to make sure we are thinking the same, you can not get to the fog iPXE menu at all right?

    Another remote possibility is that you have standard spanning tree configured on the network port where you are trying to image this computer. For pxe booting FOG you should have enabled one of the fast spanning tree protocols (rstp, mstp, port-fast, etc) . Or some kind of green ethernet setting turned on. If its either of these cases you can test by putting an inexpensive (read cheap, like those home 5 port network switches) network switch between the building switch and pxe booting computer. This will mask the spanning tree issue.

  • Hello george142, thank you for your reply!
    The snponly.efi did not work for me, I will try the snp.efi and report here.

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    I assume you are using FOG 1.5.9? If so, see if snponly.efi or snp.efi works with these network adapters. The snponly.efi is roughly equivalent to the undionly.kpxe where it uses part of the built in universal driver found in the nic’s firmware (in the case of efi its called snp and bios its undi).