Feature Modification Request - Image Task Email Addition

  • Respectfully requesting a modification to the data “Image Completion Task” emails contain. The feature is excellent, one small request would be to add the following lines in the email sent:

    Image Duration (in other words, how long the task took to complete)
    IP Address of the host that was imaged

    The image duration is the most important as sometimes we start images before leaving for the day, or sometimes our supervisor requests that sort of information about an image task. Thank you for your consideration!

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you very much! This will help us greatly as we image off hours or when others want to monitor the duration of imaging and such. Thank you so much!

  • I’ve added three elements:

    Imaging Started
    Imaging Completion
    Imaging Duration

    This should accomplish what you’re looking for.

    The IP Address isn’t tracked in the Database anymore (since 0.29/0.30), so this isn’t something I’m adding.

    The changes I made are within the working-1.6 and dev-branch branches within Github.

    Thank you,

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