SOLVED Odd behavior when adding hosts - FOG 1.5.8

  • In the web interface when I go to Add New Host, I enter the hostname, MAC address, select the desired image to be applied, then scroll down to the Active directory section at the bottom. I place a checkmark in “Join Domain After Deploy” (which populates the fields with the AD information INCLUDING Name Change/AD Join Forced reboot). I save this information, then go back into Hosts, Show all hosts, I select the host I just created, then click on the Active Directory tab at the top and all the fields are empty. I select Name Change After Deploy, it again populates MOST of the fields except Name Change/AD Join Forced reboot. I check this option and save again. Thereafter when I go into the host all of the AD information is populated as it should be. My question is why do I need to enter/save the AD information twice - is this normal behavior or do I have a setting somewhere misconfigured?

  • Moderator

    @JYost Yeah, truly a bug. Fixed in latest dev-branch. Change will be in the next release.

  • Moderator

    @JYost I suppose this is a bug. Will take a look in the next days.