Multiple related issues with groups, domain join, image choice

  • Sorry for the generic title. Didn’t know the best way to succinctly describe the issue. I’m on FOG Server version 1.5.7, and have been using it for a while now. For a lot of that time, it’s been working really well! (Been a minute since I’ve been in the forums, eh?)

    Last couple weeks, maybe Corona is affecting FOG too … I have two primary images, and the company has two domains. I am using the persistentgroups plugin so that when I add a computer to group1 or group2, it automatically assigns the appropriate image + AD details. Group1 has always worked really well, and I build most computers using it. I have had the quick registration set to add computers to group1 and deploy.

    This week, I had several computers I needed to deploy from group2, so I set it in quick registration, but once the computers are registered I see tasks to deploy images and join AD based on group1 instead. Also, if I cancel the task, correct the group on the website, and initiate a new deploy task, it will work properly.

    Something else, which I’m not sure if it’s FOG related or not: within the last two weeks, computers deployed under group2 are getting domain trust issues (The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed). Generally that means the computer isn’t listed in AD, though at least once I saw that it was. I’m going to do some more testing around that to see what the situation is.

    One final note regarding that group plugin mentioned above: I notice that when assigning an existing computer to a new group, it seems to wipe out Product Key information. The Product Key field is blank in the groups, so is the plugin set to overwrite every field, or only fields that aren’t empty? If it’s every field, how difficult would it be to modify the plugin so that empty fields in the group don’t overwrite fields on the host?

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    @ckasdf Are you still onto this?

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    @ckasdf Have not had enough time at the beginning of April and lost track of this. As we are heading towards the next FOG version to be released in the next two weeks I am wondering if this is something we should take a look at. It’s only bug fixes we do now before the final release.

    As you still seem to use FOG 1.5.7 I would ask you to update to the latest 1.5.9-RC2 (it’s not out yet but I work on this and I don’t expect you to find this post until RC2 is out…) and we work on this from there. It’s not great to work “between” the versions.

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    Answering some of these in reverse

    I am pretty sure that the default group apply settings do overwrite fields with the empty fields but I’m not 100% on that which is by design. i.e. maybe you want to remove the ad settings on all computers in a group, you’d want it to overwrite with blank fields. I don’t use that plugin, so I’m not sure if that was one of the things it does different or not, it may be. It would probably be moderately difficult to change that in the plugin, but that’s just a guess.

    The domain trust issues could be fog related or rather a mix of things. I would suggest double checking your user/password on the group2 domain settings. Sometimes if there is already a computer with the same name a problem occurs, not always as that is something that should be allowed. I would check the c:\fog.log on any of the machines that are getting the errors. See if there are any error messages when fog joins them to the domain.

    The first thing I would suggest trying is disabling the plugin and trying normal groups or just individual hosts for a couple hosts to isolate if the problem is in FOG or in the plugin. I would also double check the quick registration settings in the fog server and double check the default ad settings in the fog server, maybe they are set to group1 and its overwriting things at some point.