UNSOLVED Imaging History of Unregistered Hosts

  • I have noticed that the web dashboard shows the imaging history graph only for the hosts who performed image capturing or deploying that were registered. I am not going to set up the FOG client on the host machines, and I would like to skip the registration process; however, I would like to see at least the total number of deployments for all hosts, registered and unregistered. Where is it possible to see such a metric? Preferably, it would be good also to know the host MAC addresses and the chosen image for deployment.

  • Developer

    @george1421 i’m thinking we could have an “unregistered host” host and have it auto-register and auto-remove when the tasking was created/finished. that would also allow us to have a task to track in the gui.

  • Moderator

    From a technical perspective I can see its possible, but I also understand how the quick image function works. It works by directly accessing the image information, I don’t believe a task is ever created on the fog server (I need to confirm this), the FOS Linux engine just accesses the image info and then proceeds to image the machine. The “FOG Server” never really knew it was image other than some device asked for image #XX and it replied with the kernel parameters (there is a bit more going on under the hood than that, but that is the basics).

    Now for the feature part. If the FOS Linux engine would make a curl call at the end of the imaging process near where it would normally make the call to the fog server to close the task. But the call would be a event history call (php) to record the unnamed host to the event table. (just thinking out loud here) It could record these unmanaged hosts.

  • Developer

    just chiming in to say that i would also like this feature

  • Moderator

    Mod Note: Moving to feature request since it isn’t technically a problem.