SOLVED Windows PC Lock up in sleep mode

  • I am having a issue and I am not really sure where it is coming from, The issue is I have pc’s that will randomly lock up, nothing is the event viewer about the lock up, I am using win 10 1903 fully patched, At first I thought it was something to do with them going to sleep but that doesnt appear to be the case in all instances. I think it is happening after I image another pc. I have about 700 pc using the same image and they all imaged correctly joined the domain, changed their names correctly etc… When I patch or changed the image and then send that new sysprepped image out to a pc it seams like a few machines will randomly lock shortly after that newly pushed out image is sent to a pc. I am not sure if that make sense or not but it is hard to explain. I am wondering if it could be fog client on the machine? I did the google searches on windows 10 lockup and tried several suggested fix but nothing works. Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • @Scott-Boucher This issue is definitely not fog related. I have seen this on multiple occasions and usually comes down to a UEFI machine with a SSD. either try disabling sleep is the advanced power settings, try disabling hibernation, Disable fast boot in bios, or theres a “turn off hard disk after” setting that you may want to see if thats disabled. I have linked this issue to usually the computers bios misidentifying the SSD as a HDD making windows use the wrong things to sleep/hibernate.

    If you are using a HDD then try to see if there is a bios update for your machine and/or driver updates from the manufacturers website. Good Luck, this problem is proprietary to your type of device. Do some research in that and also look at disabling the settings.

    I have also learned that 5400 rpm 2.5" HDD are absolutely horrible. If that is what you have within those machines, try to put in a SSD for a test and see if you get the same results.

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    @Scott-Boucher Seems like no one had a good answer to that. Really could be a lot of different things and it’s sort of impossible do diagnose with no information at hand. Did you make progress finding the root of this issue?