SOLVED Fog 1.5.7 ignoring location settings

  • Howdy all.
    First time posting.

    So, i’ve recently set up a storage node at our remote location, and added it via the GUI on our full blown master at the main site.
    Main fog server set as master, node not, both are within the same storage group and images are replicating fine.

    Installed location plugin and set up the two locations, remote set to node and main office set to master.

    But, assigned main office location to a machine, and when i started a deployment task for that machine, it continuously tried to pull the image from the offsite storage node :S
    The only way i could force it to pull from the main one was to set the max clients of the storage node to 0.

    Looks like the location is being ignored completely and it’s acting like the plugin isn’t installed. Any thoughts?

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    @cbrherms It’s been a long time… sorry! Finally found the time to set this test case up myself but I can’t replicate the issue as described. In my setup it deploys from the right storage node if a host is set to be at that location. Both doing single deploy as well as group deploy. If I create a group with two hosts, one at each location and deploy to that group they both pull the image from the correct server (one from master and one from storage node).

    Tested on dev-branch as this is the version we currently work on. So either I got things wrong or this issue is not existing in the latest version (anymore). I’ll mark this topic solved until someone else comes along and is able to replicate the problem.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yes. I have a new fog server & storage node setup, but haven’t done anything with the location plugin just yet.
    I know I said I’d test it back in September. Shame on me.

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    @cbrherms Sorry for the long delay!

    @Wayne-Workman Would you find the time to test this week?

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  • I can test this tomorrow.

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    @Moderators @Testers As I don’t have such a setup at hand to test right now, can anyone test and confirm this is the case on default installations?

  • Okay, further information…

    If i deploy directly using the deploy button in the host view, it’ll ignore the location and deploy from the storage node.

    If i deploy using the button via the group view and deploy to the entire group (which is currently of 1… and location set on group as well) it’ll correctly choose the main office server for the image.