UNSOLVED Install windows error after capturing image

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    I seem to be having the same problem as mentioned in the above post. On my source Windows 10 computer it completes taking an image and reboots. When it reboots to the windows logo splash screen, I get an “Install windows” error.

    I ran my install media and it shows an extra 29 GB partition marked as primary.

    I’m thinking it has something to do when it is resized? I left everything at default when creating the image in FOG. Maybe I should try "Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable). But If I do that then there goes my HD space on the server, or does it take an image of what’s being used? I am not to sure, just want to get ideas before doing something.
    Image settings.PNG

    I did sysprep and chkdsk /r before creating the image on the source. I have created another image for a laptop with no problems creating or pushing it out, but that was the one with the two partitions, not four when installing windows.

  • Yes, I’ll try to get to those. I am under a time crunch right now so I can not get to that right away.

    I deployed the image that gave me the error after it was created, and it deployed successfully.

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    @xburnerx00 Ok, this is definitely something that shouldn’t happen and that we wanna figure out and fix sooner than later!

    Please post the contents of the files d1.partitions, d1.minimum.partitions and d1.fixed_size_partitions that you find in /images/<IMAGENAME>/ on your FOG server. I am not exactly sure if we’ll find what is causing this in there but it’s a good start to look at those.

    Can you reset the master/golden machine to have the partition fill the rest of the disk? We need that to be able to replicate the issue. Possibly use a Windows or gparted rescue CD to expand the last partition again. Then schedule a debug capture task for this machine, boot it up to get to the shell. Start the task using the command fog and step through it. Please take pictures of the messages on screen while it goes on. Most important are the messages after the blue partclone screens when partitions should be resized back to their original size.

  • On the bottom right corner on the dashboard it says Version 1.5.6.

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    @xburnerx00 OK we are going to need to get the @Developers involved with this one.

    But what you are showing me in the drive partitioning is what I would expect to see when FOG resizes your GPT disk. That 29.1GB disk is most likely your shrunken 😄 drive. Why you are getting that error is that there is no remaining space on the 😄 drive to boot windows.

    What is supposed to happen is after the image is captured in this shrunken state, fog is supposed to expand that shrunken partition 4 back to it original size. But it appears it is not doing so.

    This may be part of the issue that the developers are tracing down in another thread where some gpt disks are not expanding as they should post deployment.

    Can you confirm that you are using fog 1.5.6?

    ref: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13440/fog-1-5-6-auto-resize-is-unpredictable

  • I have not deployed this image. This error is on the source/golden image after it captures and reboots. I added at the end of my original post that I created and deployed a different image for laptops with no problems. This error is on a desktop.

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    @xburnerx00 So just for clarity you are getting that error message after you deploy a captured image to a new computer? I can read your last statement a few different ways.

  • No I do not have the client installed on the source. I have not pushed the image out to another machine. This error is on the source.

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    Do you have the fog client installed in your golden image? If so did you disable the service as recommended in the WIKI page: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/FOG_Client#FOG_Client_with_Sysprep