• Hello. I want to test Fog on a VM with the latest version of debian (for the server) and with a Windows for the deployment, but I don’t know how to set them.
    Can someone tell me the system settings needed for my two VM please ? (CPU, RAM, and Hardware)

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    If I may interject with a very hypothetical statement. If you end up using the fog client portion of this solution on more than say a few hundred hosts, you may think about making the server a bit beefier. Here is my setup

    For my 1500 hosts that check in with the client:

    4 vcpu’s
    8GB RAM
    250GB storage (we use model specific images)

    May be overkill but it works pretty well for me

  • @Junkhacker Thank you !

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    @Spark for the
    Windows VM, (someone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong on these specs)
    80GB HD, 1 CPU, 4GB ram

    for the Fog server, you’ll probably want at least enough room to store 3 images (remember that when you replace an existing image, both old and new exist at the same time on the server for a short time) so
    200GB HD, 1 CPU, and at least 512MB ram