• We are unable to register this device or deploy an image to the device. It boots to the fog menu but after you select deploy image or do full host registration. It goes to a screen with a blinking cursor. Any ideas?

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    @george1421 said in issue with netcard of dock gen2 of lenovo l390:

    @JJ-Fullmer The r8152.c from the torvalds github site failed to compile on 4.19.65, I’m suspecting its for a later release of linux. The version from the torvalds site was 1.10.10. The version in 4.19.65 was 1.9.9 of the realtek driver.

    I was able to compile the realtek driver from the wget github site. This version is 2.12. Here is a link to that kernel with the 2.12 driver built in. I also enabled the usb-c code in the kernel that appears to have not been set. I don’t know if its relevant, but it should be on for other applications. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wZwwOwbEr0nR3mnPLKg7AsulwJaGhO0A

    Download this as bzImageRT (watch your case) and copy it to the ipxe directory with the other kernel images. Manually register the host and then in the host definition add in bzImageRT as the kernel for that host. Then pxe boot into FOS Linux debug mode to see if the network adapter inits correctly with this updated driver.

    @John-L-Clark I realize that this is a few months old, but this problem sounds similar. Give this solution a try, download the kernel @george1421 made and set it on that host. It worked for me with the lenovo usb-c ethernet adapter, I imagine you’re using that or a similar adapter, this kernel fixed the issues we were having with the L390 and X390

  • We will try that. Thanks

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    Lets start out with making sure the firmware (bios) is at the latest release for this device. We’ve seen some pretty buggy early release firmware from Lenovo. Even if it doesn’t address this issue its not a bad idea to be on the latest bios release anyway.