SOLVED Fog Server failing to update/install on linux Mint 19.1

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    hello all. its been a long time and I haven’t gotten a response from @Tom-Elliott ,
    has anyone had an issue getting Fog to install on a ubuntu system ver 18? i had originally an issue with Apache2, that is resolved, not it appears the installer calls for Libcurl3 and when it tries to update it it fails Curl during the check. further reading shows they pulled support for libcurl3 and now its 4 but fog is looking for 3. anyone have a workaround or am i overlooking the obvious?
    need assistance ASAP. production server. currently down.

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    ok that was it… My server is back online after the updates. thank you so much.
    .fogsettings changed the package to libcurl4 because the install was not a fresh install.

    got it now thank you so much for the fast response.

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    yes im running the DEV branch. and i upgraded from linux mint 17.3 to 18.3 then to 19.1 mint.
    that was what i was looking for the location where i can change what its calling for and this isnt a new install.
    I’l give this a shot and report back. thanks

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    @Bill-Rice Sure we’ll try to help. First let us know which Linux OS you have. You mention Ubuntu and Mint - might make a difference. Which FOG version do you use? 1.5.5, or dev-branch? Both have the fix fir libcurl3/4 if you are doing a clean install. Seems like it doesn’t if you upgrade.

    Please take a look at /opt/fog/.fogsettings file on your FOG server. There is a line staring with packages=.... I guess you see libcurl3 in there. Make it libcurl4 and rerun the installer.