UNSOLVED Apache2 error-Won't download-We're DOWN :(

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    Timing out, Removed apache2 logs, can’t download. How do I delete all the tasks that were running? Any help will be appreciated!

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thanks! That saves a lot of space so I can upgrade from 1.5.4.

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    @Dee said in Apache2 error-Won't download-We're DOWN 😞:

    It would be nice if there was something in the Forum about what files can safely be removed unless I missed it.

    It all depends. Never know if you need files from 1.4.2 at some point. I suppose you don’t, there should be no need to keep but I don’t want to phrase this as an official statement. Take a look at the folders and decide yourself if you think you might need those later on.

  • @Quazz Is it also safe to delete:
    if I keep the latest one /homefog_web_1.5.4.BACKUP?

    It would be nice if there was something in the Forum about what files can safely be removed unless I missed it.

  • @Quazz Thanks Quazz. Will delete two and older files before upgrading.

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    @Dee You can delete old tar files safely.

    You have to enter the bin directory after extraction (before ./installfog.sh)


    cd Downloads
    tar -xzf fog_1.5.5.tar.gz 
    cd fog_1.5.5/bin

    the v parameter for tar stands for ‘Verbose’ and is always optional. (prints more info to screen)

    FOG creates backups in /home for every upgrade (both web files and DB backup), so you could clear out those files (or to be safe move them off your server to a storage system somewhere)

    Double check your /images/dev folder for stray unfinished capture sessions (the folders will be named to the MAC address of the device in question)

  • @Sebastian-Roth There were 7 computers scheduled to download image which shouldn’t be too many. OK I downloaded the file fog_1.5.5.tar.gz and it’s in my Downloads file. Just wanting to make sure this is the correct commands since I’m not thinking straight right now.
    cd /Downloads
    tar -xzf fog_1.5.5.tar.gz (or do I need to add the v in there?

    Is that all there is?

    Can I delete the old tar files safely?
    Any other files you suggest removing to increase space?

  • @Sebastian-Roth I’ll do that tomorrow morning. Guess if that works I’ll start researching how to get Debian (Virtual server) to see another drive so I can change the /home/image directory to another hard terabyte drive. Thanks Sebastian!

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    @Dee I guess you have a a fair amount of clients and maybe also storage nodes. All talking to the FOG server and causing too much load so other requests time out.

    We have adjusted some values and fixed other related things in version 1.5.5 so might want to update and see if that helps.

  • https://imgur.com/a/rxhfZxu
    These images are a bit bigger so you can see more.

  • @Dee Then you may need to put the picture on an image sharing site. Something like imgur could work.

    When you have errors from the GUI (and many backend areas) you can get them from:

    redhat based:

    Debian based:

  • @Tom-Elliott running version: 1.5.4 on Linux Debian 8
    It won’t take the uploads request entry too large. Something went wrong with parsing server response.
    ![0_1544465050311_i601.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • We need information.

    The picture you uploaded didn’t complete uploading. (Hint, make sure you’re on a full screen browser, paste in the picture. On the right pain is a “preview”. Post/submit the posting when the image has appeared on the right hand window.

    What version of fog?
    What OS?
    What error are you seeing. “Apache 2 error - won’t download -we’re down” doesn’t really tell us anything.