FOG does not do the expected actions

  • Hi
    my goal is to avoid this MS sysprep shit when deploying serveral pc`s and to do minor actions on the machine itself.
    I have a FOG Server running on Hyper-V (Server 2016), Ubuntu Mate … works
    my "Master"Host is w10Pro6 fully installed with FOG Service instaled, PXE works

    My steps:
    Starting MasterHost and make a quick registration (the only time work on the host)
    Hostname in dadabast is the MAC, Hostname of MasterHost is a unique windows name (not changed)
    at this moment the hostname in database and on the host is different and I would expect the FOG Service to to his work and make a hostname change and reboot. It does not.
    Even after another reboot, the hostname is not changed.

    that means also a red icon instead of a green one because my DNS Server does not know the hostname written in database and cannot ping.

    Now I deploy the image I captured before to the same machine hoping for a changed hostname (erasing MBR/GPT tables wait wait wait , there is a thread about this problem, but I didnt do anything yet)
    HEUREKA ! Hostname changed ! the icon is already red, but the dns-server can ping the hostname.

    is this the solution for changing a hostname? by deploying a whole image?

  • @WalterT
    now i have TWO hosts and also two physical maschines, one captured the image from and one deployed on it.

    Hosstname on both machines different to the database. How to change? Client Service not installed.

  • all Host settings are enabled…

    I am beginning from the start today and try to find a workflow for production evironment

  • @Sebastian-Roth Isn’t it enabled by default?

  • Senior Developer

    @WalterT You need to enable HostnameChange module in the host’s settings…