Minor display error in fog 1.5.4: progress bar when capturing/deploying

  • Hi,

    we just updated from fog 1.4.4 to fog 1.5.4. As far as we tested it looks fine but the progress bar when capturing/deploying an image behaves kinda weird:
    0_1531401782272_2018-07-11 - Fog Progress 01.png 0_1531401792028_2018-07-11 - Fog Progress 02.png 1_1531401792028_2018-07-11 - Fog Progress 03.png 2_1531401792028_2018-07-11 - Fog Progress 04.png 3_1531401792028_2018-07-11 - Fog Progress 05.png
    At beginning all the information is squeezed in the little green status bar and after some progress there are more readable information. It’s the same in IE and Firefox.
    (Capturing was tested on an older machine with higher zstd compression so the speed/time shown there is ok)

    It is not that important but sometimes made it more easy to spot a computer with a slower network connection directly.


  • Senior Developer

    @tian Trying to catch up with older bug reports. Sorry for the late reply.

    As we moved to bootstrap this is just how those progress bars look like. Probably not as easy to change.

    I am marking this solved - won’t add.

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