SOLVED Unable to boot to Fog to capture image UEFI

  • Here is where the machine is stuck at. It appears to downloa the file but will not boot to fog menu0_1528988495673_fogerror.jpg

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    @tthurston said in Unable to boot to Fog to capture image UEFI:

    We were able to get past this stage.

    From my understanding this is not the case. In the picture you posted first we see a client booting up going straight into a task (probably because one was scheduled for this ethernet adapter’s MAC address) instead of showing the FOG menu. It hangs at this stage.
    Now you switched to a different ethernet adapter (new MAC address) and get the FOG menu. Now when you select the inventory it tries to go ahead bit possibly hangs just at the very same stage where FOS (FOG OS, essentially a Linux kernel) is loaded.

    Again, please tell us the exact model an make of computers and ethernet adapters you have.

    Please try using the adapter you had when taking the first picture and add debug loglevel=7 to the host kernel parameters for this client (see that you have the correct host entry with that MAC address we see in the picture). Then boot up the client. If that does not show more information on screen we might provide a kernel with CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK enabled to see if we can get any printout from the kernel at all.

    By the way, which version of FOG do you use?

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    @tthurston What is the computer make and model and what is the usb adapter make and model?

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    Try using the has_usb_nic=1 kernel argument. (can set this globally temporarily if that’s easier under FOG settings General)

  • We were able to get past this stage. Found another article that led us to believe there was an issue with the usb network adapter we are using. After changing to a different one we were able to get to he fog boot screen but after selecting the complete inventory it just goes to a black screen.

    We have several hundred of the same model computer but have only test on 2.

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    @tthurston Do other clients (UEFI or legacy BIOS mode) boot and capture fine? I mean are we looking at a general problem with your FOG server (or possibly network) here or is it one particular model hanging at this stage? Please post the full hardware specs of the client you see this issue on.