UNSOLVED Windows install problem

  • Hi, I’m new in fog, and sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can’t solve de problem. When I start installation of windows 10, I get the error saing that there is a missing driver, and the instalation stop. Could some one givme and advice ?
    Thank you !

  • Testers

    Based on the information given I’m guessing that you’re missing a driver for the storage controller. Which simply means you need to get the driver and put it on loadable media and load it with the load driver button in the windows install wizard.
    What are you installing windows on? As in what computer and model (or what the make and model of the storage controller if you know) or if it is a vm, what brand of vm (vmware, xen, hyperv, virtualbox, etc) and what kind of storage controller do you have configured for the vm.

    For example:
    If you use Vmware and set the storage controller to SCSI with vmware paravirtual that controller’s driver is not included in windows installers and has to be loaded and would give an error like what you’re talking about. In this case I would add a second dvd drive (you can just use one and swap a driver disk for loading the driver and then swap the installer back, but I find it simpler to just have two drives on a vm) and mount the vmware tools installer iso. If you’re lucky the inf file will be available on the disc, I believe the filename is pvscsi.inf or something of that sort.
    (I’ve actually exported just the driver infs from a vmware tools installation to make this easier since the infs aren’t always on the install disc. To do this, Install vmware tools on a windows vm with all features of vmware tools selected then use pnputil /export-driver * C:\vmwareDrivers Then copy that folder to a remote server, sort through it to get just the vmware drivers, and turn it into an iso and put that iso in your vmware iso store)

    Some other cases where this can happen are trying to install windows 10 on older computers where there’s a legacy RAID controller. There can also be legacy chipsets/cpus (if you’re trying to install on something like a Intel Pentium D or older) that would need extra drivers. I can help you find the driver you need if I have more information on what you’re trying to install windows on.

  • @flavio There’s not enough information here for us to help you, please elaborate. Installation of what? What’s the exact error?