UNSOLVED Fog Windows 10 Image capture

  • Hello I wanted to capture windows 10 legacy image but during the task I get image which weights 40 mb when it should be like 20 GB, I’m using fog 1.5.3 on ubuntu14.04

    alt text

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    @Kami Can you please boot the client your are trying to capture into Windows and take a picture of the disk management dialog? While you are there make sure fast boot is disabled (a lot of the Windows updates to enable fast boot over and over again).

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    @kami Can you add a host through the gui?
    Can you add a host through the API? if you are familiar with powershell I just published a fogapi powershell module, details on this post https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12026/powershell-api-module
    You could install the fogapi module from the PSGallery with install-module -name fogapi then import the module import-module fogapi then run New-FogObject -type object -CoreObject host -jsondata (@{name = "testHost"; primac = "01:23:45:67:89:10"} | ConvertTo-Json) (note, I actually just found a bug and will push a fix shortly, I thought ID was always needed in post api calls but its not when it’s a new item, oops, so wait a few minutes before trying that)

    Are you familiar with mysql database? If so we can ssh into the fogserver and see if anything is being created in the database.

  • @jj-fullmer it pretends like it works but it doesn’t add anything, I can add it via fog client though I can just approve that host that way.

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    @kami That sounds like another problem, could be related. Do you get any error messages when attempting to add a host via the pxe boot menu, or does it pretend like it worked but doesn’t actually work?

  • @jj-fullmer I also can’t register my host via boot, I need to use fog client to add it and then accept it via boot.

  • This post is deleted!
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    Is that the only partition that uploads?
    How are you configuring the ‘Win10’ image on the server gui? Oh wait, you included that, I should be better at reading things, too used to people asking for help without enough information.

    It looks like it’s configured correctly and should be getting multiple partitions.
    Do you happen to have a main partition configured on the host’s settings?

    I would suggest running the capture test in debug mode

    Then from the debug console you can make sure that fog is seeing all the partitions. @Tom-Elliott probably knows the commands to run off the top of his head. I believe it’ll output a variable dumb at the start of the debug session including what partitions are seen, but I might be remembering wrong.