Windows not booting after FOG deployment.

  • I have 2 models of computers that will not boot into windows after FOG deployment. One is a laptop, Dell Latitude 6530 and one is a desktop Dell OptiPlex 7010. FOG will run a successful deployment but after the reboot, we get a stop code error when loading into windows on both of these models.

    On restart of windows on both models we get an error saying “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info and then we will restart for you” the computer just stays in this loop until we have the choice to restore to previous image or resetting PC, ut PC will not allow you to do either. Have tried multiple PC’s of both models. Has anyone else seen anything like this any help would be appreciated.

  • The stop code error I got was “Critical Process Died”, Tried sysprepping, with and without an answer file and neither of those options have worked. I have verified in the bios that storage drivers are the same on all of these models. Sorry for the delay in responses I only get a couple of hours a week dedicated to this project.

    So far our other 3 models, Dell OptiPlex 9020, 7040, and our Dell Lattitude 5580 have not had any issues. It is just when we get to these older models that we have problems.

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    What stop code is it?

    If it is 7B then the cause is most likely the storage drivers. (eg imaged as RAID, BIOS settings at new PC set to AHCI)

  • @EJoc242
    Connect one of those computers at a time to FOG server and run a TCP dump. Once you know the vendor id try modifying that in your DHCP settings.

  • It probably goes beyond the scope of support that I can offer on this forum, but yes, you can make images “per device-group” that have specific drivers.

    You could even make a general image without drivers (or with only basic drivers) and inject the drivers according to the device type with post-deployment scripts that are available for FOG.

    If you have specific questions I can try to help … but I’m by no means an expert

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    @EJoc242 possibly, it’d be worth trying.

  • Looking more into it, I found that we aren’t sysprepping since we are making an individual image for each PC model. Would sysprepping still help in that case?

  • We have not been sysprepping. I will give that a shot and let you know how it goes.

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    @EJoc242 if you aren’t already, I would recommend sysprepping your images before capture. When deploying to vastly different hardware, it may be necessary, as it allows Windows to properly configure itself to your target hardware.