Snapin without file / Just execute command?

  • First all, I would like to thank everyone for such a great product. I am new to FOG, but have tons of experience packaging/scripting applications for deployment using other Application Management Solutions (Altiris, SCCM, etc).

    Anyways, I have been doing some testing and really do like the Snapins. However, I have noticed that there is not a simple way to just have it execute a command locally without attaching a “Snapin File”?

    For reference, I wrap all applications in an “Install.vbs”. What this does in a nutshell is handle all of the heavy lifting and is location aware. So at the end of the day whatever deployment mechanism is used the command is the same: CScript.exe “Install.vbs” (of course the “Working Directory” or “Start-In” is also set at creation)

    Anyways, is it possible to have a Snapin simply run the command like: CScript.exe “\%NetworkShare%%ApplicationFolder%\Install.vbs”; without having to attach any file?

    I already have successfully tested that I can editing the “Install.vbs” so that it does set the variables to the network path, but in the end it would be preferable to just be able to call it directly and leverage the already scripted vbs.

    Also, this would come in handy for quick configurations where one simply wanted to issue a command without having to make a Batch/VBS/PS1/Etc.

    Apologies in advance for my long winded question and if this is already available that I simply overlooked.

  • @wayne-workman Thanks for the quick response. For now, I will simply make a copy of my “Install.vbs” and name it “FogInstall.vbs” with the modifications.

  • @mirfster It’s currently not possible. Someone else before you asked for this also. The easiest thing to do is just put your command in a script and deploy that script. Going to ping @joe-schmitt to look at this though.

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