Can i convert Acronis images to FOG?

  • I’m currently using a Scriptlogic clone and outputs TIB files. Here’s my questions:

    1. What kind of image capture/compression use?
    2. What file format are the image files?
    3. Does anyone know if there is a converter for TIB files to something FOG can use?


  • Developer

    There are no converters. Partimage files are a compressed stream.

  • FOG is currently built around [URL=‘’]Partimage[/URL], though there is some work being done to provide [URL=‘’]Partclone[/URL] as an alternative.

    The three differing image types are: Single Partition, Multiple Partition (Single Disk and All Disks), Raw. The Single Partition type is for Windows only and compresses down to about half the size of the data written to the partition, not half the partition size but the actual amount used, making a 50GB partition with 10GB used into an image that’s about 5GB. The Multiple Partition types do not perform any compression, but they also only collect the data written to the partition, so a 50GB partition with only 10GB used will result in a 10GB image. The Raw type collects the entire disk; I haven’t used Raw for a long time, and that was only for testing, so I don’t recall how the empty space on a disk translates to file size, but I’m pretty sure that an 80GB hard drive will result in an 80GB image.

    The partimage file format is documented on the project’s [URL=‘’]sourceforge repository[/URL].

    As far as I am aware, there are no image converters for partimage. The common course of action is to simply deploy your image to a computer and recollect it with FOG. If your images use sysprep make sure you collect with FOG before the computer boots normally after deploying from your old imaging solution; although most people who use sysprep already know that, it’s always good to be reminded before wasting time on the whole deploy-recollect processes.