Using snapins to place 2 files on a folder

  • Hey guys is there a way to use snapins to place 2 files in a specific windows folder?
    I was thinking maybe using a batch file but I’m not sure where to start, what would you guys do?

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    @x23piracy file shares can be difficult with the client, because of SYSTEM privileges, and self extracting files have their own limitations. SnapinPacks were created to address this exact scenario due to a lack of a good alternative.

  • Hi,

    place the files you want to copy in a share that the client can access at the moment when you execute your copy script.
    You can also create self extracting package with the files aboard.

    FYI, if you like two place font into the fonts folder you have to register that fonts, simply copy them will not work (search for fontreg.exe)

    Regards X23

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    @tesparza snapins are just a way of executing a file. I’d recommend developing the script locally, and then deploying it as a snapin once it works.

    In your case, a batch or powershell script would work great. If you need to deploy the two files with the snapin (e.g. the files arent already on the computers), then a SnapinPack would work great. Using a SnapinPack would let you bundle all the files you need together, so your script has the files-to-copy right next to it.