UNSOLVED Print Management problems?

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    I having trouble with print management. fog.log says that it has been added but it doesn’t appear on device and printers.
    Am I missing something?

    The inf file comes from the server itself its a shared folder that i can see from windows.

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    @tesparza did you run PrinterManagerHelper on a computer that has the printer already installed? It will give you all the field values, as sometimes even things such as Model aren’t what you think they should be. Did you also try using the generic printer inf the tool will point you to? It should work for the majority of printers.

    @Wayne-Workman until we know more information its doubtful the powershell script will likely do anything to resolve his issue, as we do not yet fully know what it is. Based on the errors this seems to be a simple configuration issue for now.

    As a note, the client log states that it has already attempted to configure the printer, not that it is installed. If a printer configuration fails to add once, there is no reason for the client to continue spamming your printer spooler every cycle unless the config has changed. If you scroll up more in the log to where the client first attempts to add the printer, you’d probably see an error message similar to what PrinterManagerHelper is giving you.

  • @wayne-workman it doesn’t show up in the local printers either. Okay thank you

  • @tesparza So the original problem was that the FOG Client was saying the printer is already installed, but you could not see it in the Devices and Printers area. Can you see the printer listed in the FOG Printer Manager Helper’s ‘Local Printers’ list?

    As a side note: I’ve had exactly your problem before, I solved it with a power shell script that is somewhere on the forums here. I’ll try to find it this weekend if someone else doesn’t link it before then. @Joe-Schmitt I’ll put that powershell script into the community scripts repo when I find it.

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    Still can’t added even though its in the desktop

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    @tesparza the tool Wayne listed should be run a computer where you already have the desired printer installed.

    Without any more information, my guess would be that the printer failing to add is due to the inf file being stored on a network share. I’d first try the generic inf file that PrinterManagerHelper.exe will point you to, as it should work. If it does not, and you need to use the network share, then you will need to ensure that the share has Anonymous read privileges for all computers. The client runs as SYSTEM, which causes some issues with network shares. Specifically, even if the machine is already joined to a machine, the client will not be able to access shares enabled for computers bound to a domain.

  • @tesparza Get the correct PrinterManagerHelper.exe version from here for your fog version:

    Run it as admin, see what printers it says are installed.