replacing ethernet network card with fiber card

  • I’ve been looking around for any advice, before I replace it. I built a new fog server over Christmas, but the fiber card wasn’t due for some time so I used a spare ethernet card, now it’s arrived somewhat early.
    I just want to do a straight swap, out comes the existing ethernet, in goes the fiber card. Still just one card, just fiber
    So my question is simple, does fog have any references to the card, or is it a case of “If linux sees it, Fog sees it”



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    @wayne-workman That should be it

    1. IP address
    2. The name of the new card as known by linux.

    Fix the .fogsettings file and rerun the installer.

    I might just look at the webgui in the fog configuration as well as the storage node settings for this fog server to ensure the name of the network interface matches what is now defined in linux.

  • Thank you Wayne, that’s really helpful.


  • @julianh Couple things:

    • Make sure the new card gets the same IP as the old card, same subnet mask.
    • inside of /opt/fog/.fogsettings update the interface field to the new card’s device name.
    • inside of web gui -> storage management -> whatever nodes update your interface name.

    @george1421 can you think of anything else?