• Is it possible and safe to rename images in FOG? Also any best practices with this?

  • @imagingmaster21 said in Renaming Images:

    Also any best practices with this?

    Best practices is to name it right the first time 😉
    You can change the name in the GUI no problem, but don’t mess with the path unless you actually change the path on the disk too.

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    Realize that image names in fog are just text fields used for humans. They have no impact on actual imaging since FOG uses an image ID field.

    Image names do have an impact (initially) on the directory where the image will be stored on the disk. But once the initial upload is done, there is no (real) connection between the image name and the location where the image is stored on the disk.

    So you can change the image name at any time, changing the image location is a little bit more trouble, but can be done.