UNSOLVED FOG does not work without internet

  • Good Morning.

    I’m from Brazil, recently I’ve been trying to install FOG in the company where I work, but it only works if I’m connected to the internet, I wanted to know if it’s possible to use it without internet as a local server, connected only to a Switch where I would only do the processes on the machines connected to this same Switch.

    Was used:

    • HP Proliant ml370 G5
    • 8-port switch
    • Ubuntu Operating System 16.04

  • Install the FOG Server with the DHCP option while online, then take it offline and it should work for you.

  • Moderator

    Let me see if I understand what you want.

    First let me say, the FOG server must have internet access to install fog. After fog is installed, then no internet access is required.

    After the install, you want to run FOG on an isolated network. Sometimes we call this an isolated imaging network. FOG can work in this design. You must then provide on this isolated network a dhcp server. The dhcp server can be an external device or the FOG server running isc-dhcp service. With a dhcp server configured to send dhcp option 66 [boot-server] and dhcp option 67 [boot-file] the pxe booting client computers should find the fog server and connect you to the FOG iPXE boot menu.

    Can you confirm that you have a dhcp server on your isolated network and it has its settings configured to instruct the client computer to connect to FOG?

  • Senior Developer

    @Júnior-Moreno What makes you say that it “does not work without internet”? What issue exactly do you see? Please be more specific and post screenshots of errors you see.