Deployment of Image results in restore of different image

  • Version: 1.4.4 6077

    OK so wierd issue. I have created an image and used it on 3 machines. “Betor10”
    Created a second image “Windows10Base” Used it on a standard Dell machine.

    Had an issue with one of the first 3 images and needed to restore Betor10 again. This time after restore I noted that the image is the Windows10Base. Thinking perhaps I selected the wrong image, I did it a second time. Same thing!!

    Looking on the storage server the image seems intact modified date the correct time and such. Why would it possibly be restoring the wrong image?

  • Senior Developer

    @sourceminer Although I can’t say for sure what’s going on in your case I am fairly sure that FOG does not restore the wrong image.

    How do you see it’s the “wrong” image? Wrong name in the output on screen or wrong content on the PC after deploy? Maybe you re-captured the image and it’s been overwritten with the “wrong” content?

  • @wayne-workman Although not ruling out my error, I see that the modified dates seem correct.

  • @sourceminer Most likely you overwrote the Betor10 image via a capture of Windows10Base without changing the assigned image of the machine you were capturing from.

  • Hi,

    if you are sure that the correct image is selected you should check the db for the image definition pointing to the right files in filesystem, i am really poor with sql maybe someone else can give you the hint howto check the corresponding table rows in the db.

    Ready to try the RC’s ? you can currently have 1.5.0 RC 10, if you can easily snapshot or backup your main fog system why not try to swap into RC’s?

    Regards X23