UNSOLVED Shared Printer Testing

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    As a bit of background on this, we are having a heck of a time with Group policy consistently adding printers with Windows 10. As a result,. I was given the green light to try FOG’s printer add capability 🙂

    I am running Working branch “version 69” and 0.11.12 client

    I am testing it on a VM Windows 10 LTSB. I have one shared printer I want to test with. The printer is HS214Copier and the VM is “TVM” Here is what I’m getting.

     10/23/2017 7:37 AM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.12
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM Client-Info Server Version: 69
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM Middleware::Response Success
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager PrintUI return code = 0
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager PrintUI return code = 0
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager PrintUI return code = 0
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager Adding printers
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM Printer Adding: \\printerad\HS214Copier
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager PrintUI return code = 0
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager Invoking add \\printerad\HS214Copier for all users
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager PrintUI has not finished in a timely fashion, abandoning process
     10/23/2017 7:37 AM PrinterManager Restarting spooler
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    @fry_p Any news on this? From your point of view, is there anything we can do right now?

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    @sebastian-roth Sorry to double post, but this is getting bizarre. You can fork this into windows issues or delete the thread for being off topic. I just want to pick your brains on this. Thinking this issue was related to LTSB, I downloaded and installed Windows 10 Education version 1709 on the test VM and joined it to the domain. I then applied GPO’s from 4 different servers. 3 Physical Server 2012 R2 servers and the original problem Server 2012 R2 VM Server.

    What I found was the same inconsistency after rebooting the Win 10 Edu Test VM. I am getting the same Event 513. See below:


    I am 100% sure the naming is right because I can manually add the same printer using the \FernwayAD\FerLib path. All printers that fail to add have the Event 513. I am also going to post this on other forums.

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    @sebastian-roth Thanks for the info. We just ran into the same issue with FOG as we did with Windows! 😞

    I tested more printers and logins to try to make it not work. It was solid until I rebooted. Just like with Windows GPO printers, they pulled a Houdini and were gone after the reboot. I waited and they still never appeared. I looked in event viewer and found This error, identical to what I was getting with GPO printer adding. I should have snapped a screen, but I blew away the VM to try something else. Here is a link to the Technet on the error I am getting: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd380098(v=ws.10).aspx

    The reason I blew it away is I suspect it may have something to do with LTSB. I am installing full Windows 10 Education on the VM now.

    I know this is more of a windows problem now, but I wanted to put it out there. I will report back.

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    @fry_p Definitely not antiquated from my point of view. Though we still have some issues with it. See in the github issues list. I remember at least two related to printing. Not sure when we will get to fix those…

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    @sebastian-roth Thanks! It did eventually install while I was away from my desk. So I’d say it was a success.

    What is the status of managing printers on FOG? By that I mean would it be wise to move away from Windows Print Management to Fog Print Management? Is this feature antiquated and going to be killed off? Only asking because I legit never paid attention to this feature.

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