• Running Version 1.5.0-RC-9
    SVN Revision: 6080

    Imaging a number of machines today, Posiflex 3815 is the specific computer model. After I imaged the first two machines, the third machine would not load FOG to register the host. I thought maybe I had already created the host, but that was not the case. The first machine i imaged had a MAC of 00:19:17:01:f3:33. The third machine has a MAC of 00:19:17:01:f3:41. After removing the first machines HOST in fog, the third machine would load FOG normally. I then imaged a fourth machine with no problem, MAC of 00:19:17:01:f3:4d. However, the fifth machine I imaged would not load FOG again. The fifth machine has a MAC of 00:19:17:01:f3:04. Only when I removed the HOST of the third and fourth machine would the fifth machine load.

    I considered that maybe I had too many machines imaging at once but I have 3 nodes and the potential to image 30 machines at once. I only had one other machine imaging at this time. I do have an issue where every few weeks I have to clear out the ‘tasks’ table in the sql database. However I only have two stuck right now with 28 slots available, at the time of writing. This issue popped up about an hour ago, but I had 27 slots available then as I was imaging one machine already.

    So my first thought is maybe FOG is only seeing the first 5 groupings of the MAC and if that’s the case its random because my fourth machine would have had an issue as well. Second is maybe its just a network thing since this is the first time I have seen it and we image a lot of machines.

    Any thoughts or assistance in where I might look for more information is appreciated. Thanks!

  • @sebastian-roth
    Updated to working this morning. I’ll post an update after we get a few machines imaging. Thanks again for your help.

  • @sebastian-roth Things like that are what concern me about using UUIDs… In a perfect world where all manufacturers actually follow standards, it’d be great. We should consider ourselves lucky every NIC ships with a unique MAC address usually. I tried to find the thread I remember where a guy actually had two motherboards with the same MAC address but couldn’t find it. But it’s here somewhere, yes, two motherboards had the same MAC. Yes, he got a free replacement for one of them if I recall.

  • Senior Developer

    @FallingWax I think we found what is causing this. Seems like some systems are using faulty system UUIDs which we use in FOG since a couple of months actually. Turns out that some MSI motherboards (more precisely the firmware running on those) have non-unique system UUIDs like FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF).

    I just pushed a fix to disable that code in FOG for now. Please upgrade to the very latest working and see if you still have issues.

    I am fairly sure it’ll all go away after upgrading.

  • @sebastian-roth

    I don’t have those hosts in there anymore. I had to remove them one by one to be able to image the next one. I can try and duplicate the issue again on Monday.

  • Senior Developer

    @FallingWax Possibly we have a similar issue here. Please run this mysql query and report the full output here: SELECT hosts.hostName,hosts.hostID,hostMAC.hmMAC,inventory.iSystemUUID FROM hosts,hostMAC,inventory WHERE inventory.iHostID = hosts.hostID AND hostMAC.hmHostID = hosts.HostID AND hostMAC.hmMAC LIKE '%00:19:17:01%';

  • This seems to be happening everytime now. My tech is imaging 5 machines (same model as above) and I have to clear the previous host, so he can register the next host.

  • @sebastian-roth
    It won’t boot to the registration splash screen. The machine connects to the server but act’s as if its already a host with no task scheduled and goes on to boot from the hard drive.

  • Senior Developer

    @fallingwax said in MAC Address problem. Maybe?:

    … machine would not load FOG

    What exactly do you mean by that?? Please describe in more detail or post a video or picture of an error you see.