Generate barcode for host from inventory

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    Is it possible to add a barcode feature for each individual hosts? So that we can print it using Zebra label maker to stick it on the PCs.

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    @wayne-workman I actually like this idea. I will work on this to see how far I can go 🙂

  • Honestly the effort involved with writing the app is way larger than the person who is already at the computer to just boot it up to the network and pick ‘deploy image’.

    The API of course has limitless uses, but I think if you’re physically present at the computer already, anything other than booting it up to the fog boot menu is excessive because you’re already there, you know?

    • barcode / qrcode creation based on host information
    • fancy app for android/ios that can scan the barcode / qrcode and enables instant imaging

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    the api has been intruduced, so whos willing to do it? 🙂

  • What I had in mind is a simple bash script that would generate a bunch of PNGs - and label each with some sort of filename that makes sense. Then someone could just print the images.

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    @msi Also, fog inventory pulls motherboard asset tag from target device when inventory is run. So if you by design assign an asset tag to the hardware in the firmware FOG will see it.

    I’ve done work with ZPL before and its not hard to setup a label, its just interfacing it with FOG and getting the label to the printer is the issue. Can a plugin be developed for FOG to take one of the fiends and create a zpl formatted label? Yes. The issue is still getting the fog output to the physical printer. Then what happens if someone doesn’t want to use a zebra printer, but a datamax or intermec instead?? All of the zpl programming is of no good on an intermec printer.

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    @msi Don’t worry, I didn’t see that as offense! Not at all. I really like people bringing in new ideas. Just couldn’t see that we’d find the time to add this special request.

    I just thought, since we already have a database for list of host, why not add another column for asset tag.

    Yeah, see Wayne’s answer on that…

  • @msi said in Generate barcode for host from inventory:

    why not add another column for asset tag

    FOG already has two of these, Other tag #1 and Other tag #2
    You have the ability to input that in full-host registration, and search by it in the web gui.

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    @wayne-workman @george1421 I just thought, since we already have a database for list of host, why not add another column for asset tag. It is not for registering the device with the fog. However, it isn’t a bad idea. I am sorry if I offended you @Sebastian-Roth . It is already an awesome software, just thought it could serve both purpose. It is just an idea.

  • I recommend QR codes. But, whatever you want in the barcode, that can be scripted so all your hosts get done at once. Linux has a mountain of open-source cmdlets that can do this sort of stuff.

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    What would you expect in this barcode?

    We use a barcode scanner when registering systems with FOG. Our machine names are a composite of country, location, hardware type, dell asstag. For example US,NYC,D,<asset_tag> would be a desktop in New York, USA. So on a poster in our build up room we have a poster with the prefixes for the location with 3 bar codes on it. One is for the laptops, one for tablets, and one for desktops for that location. On the Dell units they all have a bar code on them with the asset tag.

    Our workflow is to use the full registration, when we get to the computer name, we “zap” the barcode for the device type on the poster and then “zap” the Dell bar code compter’s chassis.

    Now in regards to barcodes themselves. You can create your own barcode stickers pretty easy if you need just uppercase letters, numbers, and limited punctuation by using a code 3 or 9 (code 39) bar code.

    The first step is to install a code 39 font. They have both code 39 and 39 extended available free for windows computers, just google for it. Use either Excel or MS Word and make a label sheet. Key in what you want on the bar code sticker using the bar code font. With code 39 the only thing special you need to do is include a start and stop character around the text you want to scan. For example lets say you want the characters 123 on your label, you need to key in * 123 * “<star>123<star>” note: there shouldn't be a space between the star and the text. I had to do that here because the star means something special to the forum editor into Excel or MS Word. If you use a bar code font you should see the bar code on the screen. I have been able in the past to actually scan the bar code directly from laptop screen for testing. You just need to get the angle right and the screens need to be a matte stile not shinny.

    The last bit of this is you can either print to a laser printer for your bar code stickers, or use a bar code printer driver like from seagull scientific to print directly to a bar code printer.

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    @msi Can you describe more in detail what you mean? I guess you want to stick those labels on new machines and then just use the barcode scanner instead of registering those through the web UI or boot menu, right?

    Sure everything is possible but as we are running an open source project here I am not too sure if we’d spend much time on adding such a special “business” feature while we don’t really have so much time. I am not saying that we as a project should not add this feature, I just mean that I won’t do it as there are too many more important things on my list. Sorry!

    But that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. It’s open source! Feel free to add yourself and give back to the community.