SOLVED Support regarding CPU usage of FOG server

  • Hi.

    Maybe somebody can help me out:

    Our external IT partner manages our virtual servers and has complained about the FOG server using too much CPU.

    I run the FOG server on a CentOS7 machine.

    Can somebody give me some hints on how to lower the CPU usage? Is there services that I can deactivate or for which I can set longer intervalls between tasks / checks / whatever the right word may be in this case?

    Is there settings in the FOG Configuration that I can change that will lower CPU usage and what effects would it have on the FOG services?

    Any help or hints are appreciated 🙂

  • Thanks for staying on top of this, they never asked back, I guess they just accepted that thats something we needed. 🙂

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    @Taspharel Is this still an issue?

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    @fernando-gietz [Moderator’s note] Yes I want you to have your own thread on this. Your conditions may be different than the OPs. I’m going to fork this thread into a new one. To avoid polluting this thread with off-point discussions

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  • And remember, it’s your VM you’re paying for, not theirs.

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    @taspharel I guess you need to go back to your service provider and see if you can get a trending over time. What are they considering high cpu load?

    The numbers you posted below are pretty low cpu usage. I understand that was only for a max 15 minute time from when you collected the data. You need to see if you can correlate the high cpu usage time the are saying to a specific action. For 200 nodes, it shouldn’t cause high CPU usage even during imaging.

    There are two bits of information we probably should have for completeness.

    1. How many vCPUs are allocated to the fog server VM
    2. What version of FOG are you running. There WAS issues in the 1.3.x range of heavy CPU loading that was addressed in subsequent version of FOG.

  • About 120 Clients in total, maybe 70 max concurrent usually

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    How many clients do you have in your FOG domain (i.e. devices that connect to your fog server)?

  • More often than not, (unless you’re still using the legacy version of the fog client), the CPU usage starts to become high because of replication. This slows the CPU because it’s got to process the data, and read it from disk to send it where ever it needs to be distributed.

    You could try:

    service FOGImageReplicator stop
    service FOGSnapinReplicator stop
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    What do the load averages look like?

    It’s possible that with a lot of clients, CPU usage goes up a bit. I believe some people were trying to get PHP-FPM working which should help with CPU usage in those cases afaik.

  • How are the load average on the machine? Without accessing the fog web interface I can see the following load average: 0,15, 0,14, 0,10 at the moment. When more computers are turned on / logged in the load is higher but still below 1 when I remember correctly.

    While cloning (unicast) on the other side the average loads are very high at around 9 but everything still works fine.

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    Your imaging using the hardware to send and receive alot of data. I cant see it"lowering" per say. I am sure at rest it is fine but during client requests and imaging processes it is high. What kinda of hosting are you using that they are watching your CPUs that closely. If it is in house and they are just monitoring it for you tell them to hush.