• Hi All,

    I want to implement Load Balancing in Fog Computing environment. Please suggest how can I implement this?

    Simar Preet Singh

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  • @sebastian-roth oh… This Fog Project is something different from Fog Computing?
    Thanks for the information. I am in search of some forum on Fog Computing where I can get some guidance on how this work in Fog Computing If you can help me with some.

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    @simarpreetsingh I am sorry to say this but you’re on the wrong track here my dear. What you are looking for in terms of “Fog Computing” is something totally different than what we do with the FOGProject (simple workstation cloning). Check out this wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fog_computing

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  • @simarpreetsingh said in Load Balancing:

    I have devices that cannot directly talk to my fog server because they are out of reach (out of network) and I need a way for those clients to communicate with the fog server.

    Public facing fog server. Solved.

    For the automatic recreation piece - this is exactly what Amazon Web Services is good at. You could create a cloudformation template that has autoscaling groups for fog, and stick the fog database into RDS (relational database service). Setup a health check to see if the main server and nodes are alive. Stick an elastic load balancer in front of all that and you’re done.

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    @simarpreetsingh Yeah, please describe a bit more what your aim is. Picture the network structure and such… Possibly we can give you some great hints.

  • @simarpreetsingh holy moly, this is a big request.

    1. by design the client need to talk to the fog server, there is currently no techniqe to cache such communication, you will need a another fog server in the devices network or simply a way to connect to the fog servers network how ever that is realized.

    2. afaik the fog clients don’t communicate to each other, they only talk to their configured fog server instance. (no fancy mesh stuff)

    3. I would not say it’s impossible to create a script that will automatically install and startup another fog server on another device but you still need to do configuration on possible storage nodes or existing fog servers. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

    Btw. i am only a user maybe one of the devs should say something to your idea, request and what i said with my 50 cent.
    @tom-elliott @Sebastian-Roth @george1421 @Wayne-Workman @sudburr @joe-schmitt @Psycholiquid

    What you are telling about your devices sounds interesting could you please tell us more what exactly you are doing there please? Describe your scenario 🙂

    Regards X23

  • @x23piracy Yes Sir. You are right. My need is:

    1. I have devices that cannot directly talk to my fog server because they are out of reach (out of network) and I need a way for those clients to communicate with the fog server.
    2. I need these devices to talk to each other also.
    3. These devices can setup a new fog server of their own if the existing fog server goes down due to some cause.

  • @simarpreetsingh hmm iam still not sure that i understand your request. Let me try, you have devices that cannot directly talk to your fog server because they are out of reach (out of network) and you need a way for that clients to communicate?

    If i am wrong please try to explain as precise as possible, just think we are dump and naked 😄 i am sure you hate my signature 😉

  • @x23piracy
    Hi… Yes I want to balance the fog clients communications. I want to implement a scenario in which I have Cloud along with the Fog Network and the requests are coming from the IoT devices and I have some load balancing mechanism that manages the load on the fog network i.e. how the requests are to be handled, and all load balancing tasks not on the cloud but on the fog network.

  • @simarpreetsingh this is still to unprecise would you like to load balance the fog clients communication? If so this lets me think you must have thousands of clients, or do you talk about a load balancing on the storage node side? For example load balance the system that will deploy the image that should be deployed to computer xy.

    What is the technical problem that lets you think you need some kind of load balancing? Talk to us 🙂

    Regards X23

  • I want to implement load balancing on fog server under fog computing environment.

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    Can you define what you mean by load balancing. I know what it means technically, but we need to understand what type of load balancing you are looking for. Are you interested in the hardware level, networking, or FOG server level?

  • @simarpreetsingh Load balancing in the FOG world is via additional storage nodes - this is not really load balancing though, more like load distributing. A good video here describes multi-node setup and the location plugin: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Location_Plugin

    Then of course to lower load on the fog server - you could run the MySQL DB on a seperate dedicated box to break that load out of the main server. To further break load off the main server, you could have the main server just doing the web interface only - and not be a storage node itself.

    Anything beyond this and we’re getting into multi-master setup which I really advise against.